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Ab Crunch on Ball

Although the crunch is the most common of all abdominal workouts, the abdominal crunch exercise has also been changed, adapted, and updated in order to create nearly brand new abdominal workouts. For example, some people attempt to make basic ab crunches more effective or effective in unique ways by doing them on an inflatable exercise ball, which is also known as a fitness ball or yoga ball. Ab Crunch on Ball, as these exercises are sometimes called, appear to be designed to be more difficult than basic crunches, and the Ab Crunch on Ball may be helpful for targeting different muscle groups.

In order to perform Ab Crunch on Ball, one simply sits on an exercise ball with feet flat on the ground. Then, while remaining stable, one leans his or her upper body backward until it is completely horizontal. From this position, the individual performs otherwise normal crunches, raising his or her shoulders upward while contracting the abdominal muscles. Performing crunches from this position will require that the individual use various muscle groups just to remain stable on top of the fitness ball, and this is what makes the Ab Crunch on Ball exercise potentially unique in relation to other abdominal workouts.

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