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Alternating Supine Leg Walk

When searching for abdominal workouts that can help them tone and strengthen their midsections, individuals will often be tempted to simply turn to the old standby exercises. However, some will be brave enough to consider trying out new abdominal workouts, such as the Alternating Supine Leg Walk. The Alternating Supine Leg Walk workout is not as complicated as it might sound, but it could be a fairly challenging exercise that helps individuals really press forward toward their abdominal toning goals.

Doing the Alternating Supine Leg Walk involves lying down on your back with your hands resting under you bottom. From here you will raise both of your legs upward into the air until they are perpendicular to the ground, or, as we might say, utterly vertical. Then, being careful to work slowly, you will lower just one leg toward the ground, stopping right before your leg or foot actually does touch the ground. You will hold this lowest position for a couple of seconds, only to return your leg to its original vertical position, at which point you will repeat the exercise with the other leg, and so on and so forth. There aren’t very many abdominal workouts that will cause you to feel the burn like the Alternating Supine Leg Walk does, and you can work on strengthening yourself more and more so that you can perform increasing numbers of repetitions.

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