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Basic Crunch

Of all abdominal workouts, none is more popular or more commonly used than the Basic Crunch. However, this does not mean that the Basic Crunch is a useless exercise. Rather, when performed correctly and consistently, the Basic Crunch can surpass various other abdominal workouts in terms of its straightforward nature and simplicity of execution. Here is a brief reminder of what constitutes a Basic Crunch workout.

Many people consider the Basic Crunch to be a shortened form of a sit-up, and this isn’t exactly untrue. However, there are a few things to remember. Of course, like so many other abdominal workouts, the Basic Crunch begins with your back and feet flat on the ground. Then, you can put your hands behind your head before lifting your shoulders slightly off the ground. However, in order to avoid the neck and back strain sometimes incurred by poorly executed ab crunches, you might wish to place your hands beside rather than behind your head. This can help keep you from pulling on your neck. Furthermore, keep your chin lifted up off your chest. With these measures in place, you will only lift your shoulder blades a few inches off the floor, being certain to contract your abdominal muscles during each repetition. Regularly doing Basic Crunch reps and other abdominal workouts should prove to be a good way to tone your midsection.

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