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Bicycle Crunch

The Bicycle Crunch is one of a number of abdominal workouts that we might consider as the vanguard of the new generation of belly-toning exercise. While our old friends such as the basic crunch are still worthwhile, many experts are now touting the Bicycle Crunch as an optimal approach to toning the midsection. This might be because the Bicycle Crunch, and other abdominal workouts like it, are challenging and can target multiple muscle groups in the abdomen.

Enough about why the Bicycle Crunch is potentially useful, here is how it is done. To do Bicycle Crunch reps you need to first get your body into the normal crunch position, lying belly-up. Then, lifting your legs into the air, you will bend them at the knees so that you can perform a pedaling sort of motion. The pedaling motion is coordinated with a twisting crunch. With your hands beside or behind your head and elbows pointing forward, you will crunch to one side and then to the other, such that when your left leg is pedaling backward toward your head you are crunching so as to touch your right elbow to that left knee, and vice versa on the other side. You will alternate this exercise back and forth throughout your set. Again, there are many other effective abdominal workouts, but the Bicycle Crunch may be one that is worth considering employing in your efforts to tone your midsection.

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