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Cable Crunch

There are, no doubt, more abdominal workouts than many people are aware of when they start looking for ways to get their bodies in better shape. The Cable Crunch is just one of the abdominal workouts individuals might come across in their efforts to locate new ideas, and it is one that requires some equipment. That equipment is a pull-down bar attached, presumably, to a weight stack or other form of resistance by the means of a cable-and-pulley system.

To perform a Cable Crunch one kneels on the ground with the pull-down bar hanging above one’s head and its frame standing in front of one’s body. Grabbing onto the pull-down bar, one will pull downward by bending at the hips. This is almost like a kneeling crunch routine, and it can be repeated over and over again in order to constitute a full set. Of course, the pull-down bar should be attached to a reasonable amount of resistance for the individual who is doing the Cable Crunch exercises. Certainly, abdominal workouts such as the Cable Crunch might be especially attractive to certain individuals precisely because they can easily adjust how difficult the exercises are. When choosing between different abdominal workouts, always consider your individual needs, limitations, and concerns.

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