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Captain's Chair

Although the term Captain’s Chair is used in various unique contexts, in the world of abdominal workouts it is used to describe a particular exercise and its accompanying equipment. A Captain’s Chair apparatus is actually quite unlike a chair in that it has no seat. Rather, this metal frame device features horizontal, padded armrests that are placed relatively high off the floor, and from these the individual who is performing the exercise suspends his or her body.

With the lower body dangling in the air, you will perform Captain’s Chair abdominal workouts simply by lifting your legs upward in the air, bending at your hips and your knees. Once you have lifted your knees as high as possible, you will lower your legs back down again to their original suspended position, only to repeat the exercise a number of times. How many times you end up being able to perform these exercises might surprise you, since the Captain’s Chair is actually more difficult than many other abdominal workouts. Furthermore, the Captain’s Chair is said to be one of a number of abdominal workouts that can be especially useful for people who wish to tone and strengthen the muscles of the lower abdomen.

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