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Front Squats with Barbell

There are, no doubt a range of abdominal workouts that people can do without ever needing to worry about owning or having an access to a piece of free weight equipment. However, a Front Squats with Barbell routine does not fit into that category. As its very name quite clearly indicates, in order to do Front Squats with Barbell one needs to have a barbell handy.

If a barbell is handy for you and you wish to choose this exercise over other abdominal workouts, you would start with a barbell that is weighted according to your limitations and goals. Then, with your legs spread at the width of your shoulders, you would place the weighted barbell against your chest, crossing your arms so as to hold the barbell tightly against your body. From here you would then perform otherwise basic squats, bending at the knees and slowly lowering and raising your body. Many might wonder what connection Front Squats with Barbell have with more traditional abdominal workouts. The fact remains that many people rely on this kind of exercise because along with implicating the lower body in a significant way, doing Front Squats with Barbell also has the potential to implicate the abdominal muscles, which are important for keeping the body stable and upright during the routine.

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