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Half Curl

Of all different kinds of toning and strengthening exercises, abdominal workouts might be the most prevalent and well known. If this is true, it is likely due to the fact that so many people struggle to keep their midsections in shape. One of the many abdominal workouts individuals can consider doing in order to get their bodies in shape is the Half Curl, a routine not at all unlike the original crunch.

The Half Curl begins with the person on his or her back, knees bent and feet flat. However, the difference between the Half Curl and some similar abdominal workouts is that the participant places his or her palms on the thighs rather than on or beside the head. From this position, with arms outstretched forward, the individual contracts his or her abdominal muscles and lifts the shoulder blades a few inches off the floor, just enough to slide the palms up to the knees. We should also note that in order to avoid neck or back strain while doing a Half Curl, it is a good idea for people who do the Half Curl to remember to keep their chins up and off their chests. This should prove to be a useful preventative measure.

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