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Hanging Leg Raise

The Hanging Leg Raise is one of many abdominal exercises that folks who wish to seriously engage the muscles of their midsections might want to consider utilizing. The Hanging Leg Raise does require that one has access to a chin up bar, which are not usually hard to find. In fact, newer modifications of the chin up bar make it relatively easy to install one above a doorway in the home. Either way, looking at how the Hanging Leg Raise is done may help people to see its potential advantages in view of other abdominal workouts.

If you wish to do Hanging Leg Raise reps, you will first grab onto the chin bar with what we might call an overhand grip. This means your knuckles and palms would be facing forward or outward, rather than facing back toward your body. Then, lifting your legs off the ground so as to suspend your lower body, you will continue to bring them both upward toward your chest. This is done by bending your legs at both your hips and your knees. Once your legs are brought to their highest possible position, you will slowly lower them again, yet keeping them suspended rather than letting them touch the floor again, only to repeat this routine a set number of times. The Hanging Leg Raise is differentiated from some other abdominal workouts because its unique approach allows the participant to significantly target his or her lower abdominal muscles.

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