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Not everyone has heard of Kettlebells and many who have heard of them immediately associate these simple free weight devices with the strength training routines of boxers and bodybuilders. Yet, other people see in exercises done with Kettlebells a link with abdominal workouts, partially because the most common exercise done with Kettlebells, the kettlebell swing, is considered by some to be a useful way to engage the muscles of the midsection while also promoting upper and lower body strength. Consider how the kettlebell swing is done so that you can see its potential connection to more basic abdominal workouts.

The kettlebell swing begins with the individual holding onto a kettlebell with both hands, letting it hang in front of his or her body. With feet spread shoulder-width apart, the individual will perform what amounts to a squat, bending at the knees while keeping the upper body erect. Then, on the upward motion of the squat, the individual will literally swing the Kettlebells upward, at least until the weight is at the same height as the shoulders. Carefully lowering the Kettlebells back down, the individual will repeat the repetition a number of times. This motion does, of course, promote the strengthening and toning of the legs and arms, but the abdominal muscles are likely to be implicated as well, making Kettlebells potentially useful to those who are looking for worthwhile abdominal workouts.

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