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Long Arm Crunch

As you think of unique and uniquely effective abdominal workouts, you might be tempted to pass over the crunch exercise as an outdated method. However, if you think you know all there is to know about the crunch, you might want to consider the many great abdominal workouts that are based on this simple routine, which is also quite useful in itself. The Long Arm Crunch is one example of an exercise that, though quite simple, it seems that the Long Arm Crunch could meet the needs of certain individuals.

The Long Arm Crunch begins just like a basic crunch, with your body lying belly-up and your feet flat on the floor with knees bent accordingly. However, before performing the actual crunch, you will avoid placing your hands behind or beside your head. Instead, you will stretch them vertically into the air, even extending your fingers upward. Then, contracting your abdominal muscles, you will lift your shoulders a few inches off the ground. Along with keeping your chin up off your chest, modifying the original crunch with this Long Arm Crunch approach is one way to help avoid pulling on your neck and creating muscle strain there. Furthermore, the Long Arm Crunch might be more useful than some other abdominal workouts because it prevents your upper body from relying on momentum to complete the repetitions.

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