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Medicine Ball Sit Ups

Medicinal Ball Sit Ups are different from many other abdominal workouts for two reasons. First, as their name suggests, Medicine Ball Sit Ups require external equipment. Medicine balls are essentially weighted balls that come in different sizes and masses. Second, Medicine Ball Sit Ups require that one has access to a partner, which will become evident as we take a look at how to perform this exercise routine. Read on if you’d like to add Medicine Ball Sit Ups to the list of abdominal workouts you employ.

The routine begins with one’s body in a normal sit up position: feet flat on the ground, knees bent, and back flat as well. Yet, the participant also holds the medicine ball to her or his chest with both hands. From this position, the participant performs a normal sit up, primarily using the muscles of the abdomen to lift the upper body toward the knees. However, while bringing the upper body to the height of the sit up, the participant also tosses the weighted medicine ball to a partner who is positioned at the participant’s feet. The partner catches the ball and then tosses it back to the participant, who must hold the upward position of the sit up until he or she received the toss. This makes the Medicine Ball Sit Ups somewhat more difficult than some other abdominal workouts, as does the extra abdominal strength required by simply holding the weighted medicine ball during the initial phase of the repetition.

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