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Mountain Climbers on Floor

In relation to many other abdominals workouts, Mountain Climbers on Floor is probably on of the more versatile exercise routines. This is primarily because it gives people the chance to target not only their abdominal muscles but also their leg muscles, among other things. In fact, some people might think of Mountain Climbers on Floor as essentially a lower body routine, rather than lumping it among the many abdominal workouts. Yet this would not be fair given the way this exercise does, in fact, implicate the muscles of the midsection.

If you want to do Mountain Climbers on Floor, start by getting on your hands and toes. This requires raising your buttocks into the air and bending your legs at the knees. From this position you will essentially mimic a running or climbing motion, stepping forward and backward with both legs in an alternating manner. Again, the nature of this exercise makes it seem less similar to certain abdominal workouts, which almost exclusively target the muscles of the midsection. However, if you perform a full set of Mountains Climbers on Floor, you should feel their challenging nature not only in your legs but also in your abdomen.

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