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Oblique Crunch

The search for useful abdominal workouts is one that many people will find themselves on at different times. And along with hearing almost continuously about the basic abdominal crunch, people are also likely to hear about the Oblique Crunch, a workout that, as its name suggests focuses on toning and strengthening the oblique muscles that run along the sides of the abdomen.

To perform a set of Oblique Crunch abdominal workouts, begin by putting your body into a basic crunch position. In case you don’t know, this means lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. However, before beginning the crunch motion, twist your lower body at the hips so that your legs are resting on the floor beside you. Then, placing your hands behind or beside your head, lift your upper body so that your shoulders are raised just a few inches off the ground. Alternate the side you focus on from one set to another, doing one group of Oblique Crunches with your legs on one side, and another group of the same number with your legs on the other side. This routine should help you to target these muscles in an effective manner, but it seems that Oblique Crunch routines might best be used in conjunction with other abdominal workouts.

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