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Few abdominal workouts are as deceivingly challenging as the Plank exercise. This may be in part because the routine involves essentially no motion or kinetic energy. Yet, if you choose to do the Plank on a regular basis, preferably in addition to other abdominal workouts, you will likely find that it gives you the chance to focus intensely on toning your abdominal and core muscles.

In order to perform the Plank exercise, first get on the floor with your belly down. Then, with your legs extended, prop your lower body up on your toes, almost as if you were about to get into a pushup position. Then, rather than lift your upper body off the floor with your palms, you will actually use your forearms, resting on them as you align them underneath your chest and parallel to your torso. This basic position, with your hips and buttocks bent slightly upward, is the sum of the plank exercise. Again, the Plank exercise may sound a lot easier to perform than many other abdominal workouts, but try holding this simple position for just 30 seconds, working on keeping yourself stable by contracting your abdominal and core muscles. You are likely to quickly recognize the challenge at hand, as well as the opportunity to tone and strengthen your abs with the Plank.

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