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Prone Cobra

When it comes to finding the right abdominal workouts for your situation and needs, culling through the host of available options is an absolutely necessary task. In your efforts to find what works, you are somewhat likely to hear about the Prone Cobra. This is one of a number of abdominal workouts that depart from more traditional, crunch-like approaches and for this reason it may be attractive to some people.

If you want to do a set of Prone Cobra exercises, begin by lying facedown on the floor with your arms at your side and extended downward toward your feet. From this position you will lift your upper body, essentially arching it backward while contracting your abdominal, lower back, and buttocks muscles. Along with arching your back, you will lift your arms upward, turning them so that your thumbs are pointing upward. Once you’ve reached this fully arched Prone Cobra position, hold for just two seconds before slowly returning to the original position. Although the Prone Cobra exercise might not seem as challenging or useful as some other abdominal workouts at first, know that it should prove to be a worthwhile method to employ alongside other routines.

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