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Pulse Up

Finding the right abdominal workouts to help you meet your unique needs and achieve your unique goals might seem like a daunting task at first. However, with a bit of common sense and an understanding of what those needs and goals are, the world of abdominal workouts should start to look less and less like an utterly foreign landscape. One of the abdominal workouts you might come across is the Pulse Up, a potentially useful exercise for those who are expressly concerned with toning and strengthening their central abdominal muscles.

The Pulse Up begins with your body flat on its back and your hands resting underneath your buttocks. Then you will raise your legs upward into the air until they are completely vertical. From this position you will use your abdominal and core muscles to lift your buttocks a bit more off the ground, pressing your feet and legs straight upward, even a bit higher into the air. Slowly, lowering your buttocks back down, you will repeat the motion over and over again in order to constitute a full set of Pulse Up abdominal workouts, and you should find the Pulse Up routine to be at least somewhat challenging.

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