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Side Bends

Finding the right abdominal workouts to help you achieve your body-toning goals often depends on knowing what you need. Those who are looking specifically for ways to tone and strengthen the muscles on the sides of their abdomens might find that certain abdominal workouts, such as Side Bends, can be useful. Side Bends are one of the few abdominal workouts that require at least one dumbbell, but no other external equipment.

To do Side Bends you must stand with your feet spread shoulder-width apart, holding one dumbbell of a reasonable weight level in either your right of left hand. Then, you must place your other hand behind your head. Once your body is in this position, your exercise motion will simply be to bend sideways at your hips toward the side on which you are holding the dumbbell. As you bend, the dumbbell will be lowered toward the ground, and you’ll bend until that dumbbell becomes level with your knee. After repeating the Side Bends on one side for a set number of times, you will do the same number of repetitions of Side Bends on the other side of your body, following a mirror image of the instructions we offered above.

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