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Abdominal workouts get their names from various sources. One, known as the Superman, gets its name from the association its position and its motion have with a well-known superhero. Read on to learn how the Superman is performed and to see why it, rather than other abdominal workouts, received this name.

To perform a Superman routine you must get onto the floor on your hands and knees. With both your knees and your palms spread shoulder-width apart, you will lift one leg of one side and one arm of the opposite side, so as to stretch them both out horizontally, though in opposite directions, of course. Working to remain stable with your other two appendages and with the muscles of your midsection, you will return the outstretched arm and leg to their original position, only to repeat the simultaneous motions over and over again. Once a full set of these Superman abdominal workouts is completed you will do the same number with the other leg and arm combination. Although the Superman might be one of those abdominal workouts that doesn’t really seem to focus on the midsection, those who actually try to perform it might feel differently afterward.

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