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The V-Sit is one a few abdominal workouts that, it seems fair to say, few people have heard of. The V-Sit is also probably one of the more challenging abdominal workouts folks might come across, even if a description of how it is performed does not seem to indicate a high level of difficulty.

To do a set of V-Sit exercises you must begin by sitting on the floor with your legs stretched outward. Then, in a kind of fluid motion, you will lean your upper body backward a bit while lifting both of your legs upward into the air, all the while stretching out your arms so as to touch or at least point toward your shins. This motion puts your body into what literally looks like a “V,” and you will hold the position for just a few seconds, then slowly lowering your legs to their original position. Yet, to add a bit more difficulty, before actually letting your legs rest on the floor again you will pause for a few seconds, keeping your legs suspended just off the floor. Repeat the motion as many times as you can, and you’ll see why the V-Sit is a bit more difficult than many other abdominal workouts.

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