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Vertical Leg Crunch

There are many great abdominal workouts that have the word ‘crunch’ in them, and this is simply because the original crunch is probably the simplest and most widely-used of all abdominal workouts. Yet, some abdominal workouts, such as the Vertical Leg Crunch, aim to take a different approach on the old standby.

The Vertical Leg Crunch begins with you putting your body into a basic floor crunch position. However, while in the normal crunch both your back and feet will rest flat on the ground, in the Vertical Leg Crunch you will lift your feet off the ground so that they are nearly vertical, all the while keeping your knees bent slightly. Then, you will perform basic crunches, lifting your shoulders a few inches off the ground. Please not that it is important to be careful not to pull on your head and to keep your chin up. These simple measures can help you avoid experiencing neck pain. With the modification of lifting one’s legs in the air, many people believe that the Vertical Leg Crunch is one of those abdominal workouts that are especially useful for individuals who wish to target the lower ab muscles in particular.

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