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Weighted Curls with Medicine Ball

In the world of abdominal workouts, curls are sometimes the term used to describe crunches, since in doing them you are essentially curling your upper body. That is why the exercise known as Weighted Curls with Medicine Ball could also be called weighted crunches with a medicine ball. For those who do not know, medicine balls are weighted exercise balls that are oftentimes the approximate size of a basketball.

The idea behind abdominal workouts such as Weighted Curls with Medicine Ball is to make each repetition of the normal crunch or curl a bit more challenging. Thus, after finding a medicine ball that is a suitable size and weight for your body, you would lie on the ground in a normal crunch position, with your back and feet flat on the ground. However, you would also be holding the medicine ball to your chest. Then being sure to keep your chin off your chest (so as to help prevent neck strain), you would perform a simple crunch, lifting your shoulder blades a few inches off the ground while contracting your muscles. Doing Weighted Curls with Medicine Ball on your chest should prove to be a bit more challenging, and adding a routine such as this to your other abdominal workouts might help you round out your program.

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