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Ab Lounge XL

Review Summary
The Ab Lounge XL is an ab chair from fitness celebrity Tony Little. The mesh seat has a 180 degree range of motion so the exerciser can do sit up type moves while their back is supported. The Ab Lounge XL features a fold up design, a strap to hold onto for support, and a 275lb weight capacity.

The Ab Lounge XL requires exercise to work. This means it needs hard work and motivation put into it. You can use the Ab Lounge XL during set exercise times. The Ab Lounge XL is made specifically for abdominal workouts and does not tone other parts of the body. Although it folds up the Ab Lounge XL is not portable.

Information About Manufacturer
Tony Little is well known for his workout videos and has also put his name on several pieces of home fitness equipment. The Ab Lounge XL does not currently have a toll free number for customer service or ordering, nor is there a number for Little’s brand.

• The Ab Lounge XL is made to enhance and support abdominal workouts.
• Can be folded up for storage.
• Features a mesh seat and 180 degree range of motion.

Price and Shipping Information
The Ab Lounge XL costs $130. Shipping and handling are an additional $25.49. International shipping options are available. Domestic orders are delivered in 1 to 3 weeks. The Ab Blaster abdominal workouts DVD is included as a bonus with each order.

The Ab Lounge XL is an ab chair made to make abdominal workouts better by supporting the back and head. Features of the Ab Lounge XL include a full range of motion and a strap to hold onto for support during exercise. You can use the Ab Lounge XL during the same time you would normally perform sit ups or crunches. This product is sold online for $130 before shipping and handling and comes with a bonus DVD. If you want to learn more about Ab Lounge XL you can check out a review site specializing in ab toning equipment.

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