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Crunchless Abs

Review Summary
The Crunchless Abs system is one of many programs that have as their main goal the toning and strengthening of the midsection. Yet, unlike many programs that guide participants through various abdominal workouts, Crunchless Abs does not utilize the standby crunch exercise, as its name rightly suggests. The Crunchless Abs program can come in a few different forms, but the fullest package consists of 12 DVDs, while the basic package seems to consist of just 3. Along with offering instructional ab workouts videos, the program also appears to provide guidance in terms of nutrition and other pertinent concerns for people who wish to trim their bodies.

Crunchless Abs, like many other exercise programs, does not have any clearance from the FDA. Yet, we must also be careful to point out that this is not a requirement for the system to be sold on the market. The Crunchless Abs program will certainly require that participants have the necessary motivation, time, and energy to devote to performing the pertinent abdominal workouts. It does appear that included among these are certain workouts for toning other areas of the body. Lastly, while the DVDs and other instructional materials will not require batteries and will be portable and somewhat discreet in themselves, during their usage they will not be so easy to transport and conceal.

Information About Manufacturer
The Crunchless Abs company stands behind this system with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, but there does not appear to be any warranty offered. The official Crunchless Abs website is one place to buy the system directly, and the company also offers a toll-free number for phone orders and the like.

• Crunchless Abs can be used to tone various parts.
• Crunchless Abs facilitates abdominal workouts in particular.
• Crunchless Abs comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Price and Shipping Information
The going rate for the simplest Crunchless Abs package appears to be $12.98 plus $6.91 for domestic shipping and handling at this time. The company seems to only ship to customers who are in the U.S. and Canada, and they consider the recipe book as one of the bonus materials. It is said that domestic orders will be delivered in roughly 2 weeks.

Individuals who are interested in performing abdominal workouts other than crunches might well be interested in using the Crunchless Abs program. Spending $12.98 for a few DVDs and some printed guides does seem somewhat reasonable, especially given the presence of a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Yet, the best way to know whether or not a product or program is likely to be worth your time and energy might be to read the reviews of customers who have already owned the product or program under question. These reviews can often also be found online.

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