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Review Summary
Various kinds of exercise balls, from large, inflatable yoga balls to weighted medicine balls, have become quite popular in today’s fitness industry. And many of these balls can be used to facilitate great abdominal workouts. However, individuals who are expressly concerned with toning and strengthening their midsections might be especially interested in a device known as the Torsoball. One of many exercise tools that consumers are likely to see advertised on TV, the Torsoball is said to help users perform a truly effective, cutting edge core workout.

The exercise approach made possible by this device is quite simple to explain and understand. The Torsoball is an inflatable rubber ball that is slightly bigger than a basketball, yet it features two handles that represent an axis on which the ball turns. The user kneels on the ground while holding onto the handles of the Torsoball. By leaning forward and extending his or her body outward and then bringing it backward again, the user can isolate his or her abdominal muscles. Depending on what kind of angle the user leans forward and backward, the user may be able to target different sections of the abdomen. Optional resistance bands can be attached to the knees and to the ball, such that while extending the body, the user is also working against these stretchy bands.

When we wrote this review, we found the device being sold on its official website for the retail price of $99.99 plus $19.95 for shipping and handling. This price included the Torsoball, an air pump, the resistance bands, an instructional video, and more. The manufacturer was also offering a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Visiting the official Torsoball website is a great way to learn more about the unit. The site offers some interesting success stories from people who appear to have used the Torsoball abdominal workouts to achieve their weight loss and trimming goals. The site provides a short video about the unit and how it works while also offering a direct retail purchasing order form.

Final Facts
Some people might see this product, either on television or the Internet, and they might feel immediately inclined to spend $100 or so on it. Others, however, may want to learn more about the Torsoball and about the purportedly great abdominal workouts it can facilitate. As you think about spending your money on products and programs that might be able to help you get in better control of your lifestyle and of your figure, you may want to take some time to visit the official websites of all the products you are considering buying, and that includes the Torsoball. Doing this kind of research is often necessary for making a truly informed purchase.

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